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Hummer Transport Vehicles
The Ultimate 4WD Machine
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Several vehicles in stock as of October 13, 2004.

Military Hummer Vehicles
prices starting at: $28,000*

Schott's has a variety of four-man military Hummer styles to choose from. These vehicles are intended for off road use only.

The collection of Hummers currently in stock were manufactured between 1985-1988. Average mileage is less than 10,000 miles, some with under 5,000 miles. The overall condition of current vehicles is "like-new". Technical data is below.

*add $1000 for winch equipped models

Configurations Available

M998 Cargo/Troop Carrier (Two-Man)

M998 cargo/troop carriers are used to transport equipment, materials, and/or personnel. The cargo carrier is capable of transporting a payload (including crew) of 2,500 pounds. The troop carrier is capable of transporting a two-man crew and eight passengers.

M1038 Cargo/Troop Carrier with Winch (Four-Man)

The M1038 cargo/troop carriers are equipped with a winch. This feature permits recovery operations. The additional winch affects vehicle length, weight, length, approach angle, and special winch-assisted operations.

Technical Data

Fully loaded cargo/troop carriers will climb road grades as steep as 60% (31°) and traverse a side slope of up to 40% (22°).

The vehicles ford hard bottom water crossings up to 30 inches without a deep water fording kit and 60 inches with the kit.

Engine Type
Brake Horsepower

Weight (GVW)
Fuel Tank Size

Winch Capacity (if equipped)

6.2 Liter Diesel, Naturally-Aspirated, Liquid Cooled
8 (V)
150 Horsepower @ 3600 rpm
180" - 185" (with winch)

7,700 lb - 8,400 lb (depending upon model)
275-337 (radial tires can increase range by 30 miles)
25 gal

3360 lb - 6000 lb (depends upon winding layers)

Recommended Operating Speeds
Transmission Range Selection Transfer Case Range Selection
"L" Low Range "H" High Range "H/L" High Lock Range
"R" Reverse 11 mph 29 mph 11 mph
"D" Drive 27 mph 48 mph 55 mph
"2" Second 19 mph 48 mph 48 mph
"1" First 19 mph 48 mph 48 mph

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